Three Centennial Co Restaurant Picks That Are Sure to Delight


Centennial CO features 158 restaurants according to Trip Advisor. So if you are planning on being in the area for any reason, it is good to familiarize yourself with what you can eat there. Sure, most cities feature restaurants that serve up enough choices cumulatively to make your head spin. You want the best restaurants, however, and in a few short minutes, you are going to know three of them.

Perfect Landing is one of them. And please, let’s not pay attention to chain establishments like Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. I mean, come on! So enjoy a plate of salmon and mashed potatoes instead at Perfect Landing, which is on South Peoria Street. Prime rib and lobster tail are on the menu, too, so I think they have you covered. More importantly, it will be a unique dining experience.

Hacienda Colorado is up next, and it is on Bierstadt Way. Start your meal with chips and salsa, move on to fajitas and then end your meal with chocolate cake. At this point, the next restaurant could serve up the best pizza in the world, and I would still go for chips, salsa, fajitas and cake at Hacienda Colorado first.

Doug’s Day Diner isn’t a pizza place though, and it is third on this list. Located on East Orchard Road, it is a great spot for breakfast. This round of restaurants in Colorado sure is a good one. Since we hit such a good short list in Centennial, Colorado, I want to give you a bonus. I truly do love me some pizza, don’t you?

Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant then sounds like a plan. So now you have your pizza, too. It is on Park Meadows Drive, and yes, they have other Italian dishes and desserts as well. Those are your three Centennial CO restaurant picks folks!

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