Here Are Some More Great Restaurant Picks for Castle Rock Co

Castle Rock Co

There have been such great restaurants in Castle Rock CO that I just have to take you there one more time. Do you think that these restaurants are going to disappoint in comparison to the others? Well, I don’t think that is going to happen. In fact, you just never know, one of the following restaurants just might be the first place you pick. Are you ready for this round in Castle Rock?

Pegasus on Plum Creek is on Jerry Street, and it is an enticing place for a good breakfast. Do you like breakfast burritos? My favorite breakfast food, biscuits and gravy, makes the menu. Reviewers say though that this restaurant actually has an eclectic menu and it provides healthy foods which can be beneficial during training for the Olympics. The only negative mark for this restaurant is it is considered to be a little pricey. But hey, it is a great pick, and you are on vacation.

Parry’s Pizza is up next, and it is on Allen Way. You are talking wings, pizza, craft beer and more. Perhaps you don’t want to hit up the restaurant, but you want to try the great food served there. Well, they certainly have delivery available, so try out the pizza and other foods served there without having to even find the restaurant. That can help when you are on vacation and you don’t want to leave the hotel room.

Then there is Angie’s Restaurant, and it is on 4th Street. The menu for Angie’s Restaurant is supposed to be a mix of Italian and Mexican cuisine. One reviewer talks about favoring the Italian food over the Mexican food based on how well all the entries are prepared. Which would you try if you visited this restaurant? Hopefully you get a chance to visit Angie’s Restaurant and the other two picks as well while you are in Castle Rock CO.

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