Castle Rock Colorado Is a Great City with Excellent Restaurants

Excellent Restaurants

You are about to get a good look at some places that serve up great food in Castle Rock CO. This city looks like it has some good ones for sure. While you might trust your instincts when picking a restaurant, you want to know that you are about to enjoy a good meal. I haven’t featured any restaurants in Castle Rock yet, so here we go. Just what is going to be your next meal?

Crave Real Burgers is a top spot for food, and wow do the burgers look good. Located on Limelight Avenue, the burgers aren’t the only draw. How would you like to enjoy what is called the Chocolate Brownie Shake? The Fatty Melt and the Wise Guy are two examples of the burgers that you can order.

That last restaurant is hard to top, yes, but try this one on for size. It is called Guadalajara Restaurant, and the Mexican food served up there looks amazing. Located on Wolfensberger Road, the smothered burrito is one of its claims to fame. One reviewer makes sure to mention that this is a great place to get a margarita, too.

Third on the list is a cafe, so I have to say that I am impressed with these three finds. I would want to visit all three of them first. Castle Cafe is located on Wilcox Street, and it is known for buffalo meatloaf and pan fried chicken, among other things. Yes, I said buffalo meatloaf. It would be a first for me, too!

Do you feel like you are going to enjoy some great food in Castle Rock, Colorado? You are bound to with these three picks. It is hard to choose the first stop, isn’t it? The Mexican food at Guadalajara Restaurant looks so delicious that I think I would have to go enjoy that smothered burrito first.

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